And They Call Us Whinging Poms - Cheeky B@stards #3

Low grain prices are forcing farmers in South Australia to warehouse their grain until the market improves.

An oversupply of feed barley domestically, the global financial crisis and a good harvest in the Ukraine and Russia are the reasons being blamed for the price falls for feed barley and wheat.

Farmers say these prices combined with high input costs will see them struggle to make a profit.

Tony Parker from Wharminda on Eyre Peninsula.

"I'm sitting on the harvester and I notice Incitec Pivot announced a $600 million profit, up almost 200 per cent, AWB announced a $60 million profit, just seems to me, everybody that supplies us or we market our grain to are making good profits," he says.

"I'm not making a profit."

Richard Way from Port Vincent is taking the 'wait and see' approach hoping the market will improve.

"I just received an SMS from my grain marketer and feed barley has just dropped $10 dollars a tonne, so there's no great incentive to sell at these low and dropping prices."

Steve from Loxton in the Riverland:

"There's no way there's going to have any young farmers left in South Australia if we continue to have prices this low, it seems ABB and AWB make big profits and the farmer makes nothing anymore."

Bruce from Wagga Wagga:

"That's a damn fine looking sheep you have there, if I had any money I'd buy it a sherry."