Australia Wheat Crop Hit By Rain

Well, they've been moaning about drought for long enough, Mother Nature has decided to have a little fun with Australian farmers by deluging them with rain, slap bang in the middle of harvest.

Moist westerly winds in the upper atmosphere, combined with an easterly flow at the surface, have caused a bullseye of rainfall that has spread from southeast QLD across the border to the NSW Northern Rivers.

Another bout of rain and strong winds will inundate southeastern Australia over the next few days, in conditions very similar to those seen last week. Instability, combined with a plentiful moisture source will see New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania receiving decent falls from Thursday until Sunday.

The Victorian and New South Wales ranges can expect up to 50mm of rainfall in places.

Around 70% of the QLD crop is already harvested, but the remaining 30% is likely to suffer quality losses. Further south in NSW only 25 to 30% of the crop is in the barn, so quality losses there could be greater, analysts say.