The Cheeky B@stards #2

To show his commitment to the cause, the head of Chrysler famously slashed his pay to $1 in the 1980's in exchange for financial assistance from the US government.

To his credit, earlier in the week, Robert Nardelli COE of Chrysler this time round, said he would do the same again.

At a tense meeting on Capitol Hill yesterday the CEO's of GM and Ford were repeatedly asked if they would be prepared to make the same symbolic gesture, as they desperately hold out their hands for $25 billion.

Only fair, methinks, the buck ultimately stops with them, and they've dug themselves into the crock of smelly stuff that they presently find themselves in.

They don't want the cash for themselves you understand, its for the people, the economy, their employees and their families. The very lifeblood of America is at stake here, stand up and sing your hearts out for our brave boys in Afghanistan, we the proud people of America are the greatest country on earth. It's about freedom, democracy, for every man, woman and child, whatever their race. For the one-legged five year old Mexican orphan living in a sewer and begging on the streets of San Fransisco who hasn't eaten for a week. JUST GIVE US THE F***ING MONEY!!

So, I'll ask you again, would you work for a $1 salary to show the people your commitment & belief?

"I'm willing to do what I've been doing," said Rick Wagoner of GM.

"I understand your point about the symbol. But I think, not just for me, but we're trying to fill a skilled and motivated team," fudged Alan Mulally of Ford.

Just answer the f***ing question Mulally.

"I think I'm OK where I am."