Chinese Mill Owner Arrested In Melamine Scandal

The owner of a mill that produced feed contaminated with melamine has been arrested.

At a press conference, police said that the owner of a poultry feed company in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, has been arrested after admitting he used melamine in the production process, which led to the contamination of eggs sold by the Hanovo Group, according to official sources.

A spokesman for Shenyang police said Gao Xingtao, head of the Mingxing feed factory, had been arrested, but did not specify the exact date.

Gao admitted to the purchase in July of 45 tons of protein products containing melamine that was added to the feed instead of the usual corn ethanol, which was in short supply, the report said.

The protein mix was used in the production of 287 tons of chicken feed, 212 tons of which was sold to Dalian Hanovo Enterprise Group, the firm that supplied contaminated eggs to Hong Kong in September.

Liu Kejun, a press officer with the police bureau told China Daily yesterday that the remaining 75 tons of tainted feed had been destroyed.