eCBOT Close/Early Call

eCBOT grains ended a choppy session on the positive side, despite trading lower for large parts of the morning.

Soybeans closed 4-6c firmer, with wheat up 2-3c and corn ending 4-6c higher.

Choppy crude oil sent futures this way and that, as did a fluctuating dollar and uncertainty ahead of the US presidential election.

FC Stone released some production numbers lower than the last USDA estimate yesterday, but that was also the case last month. Informa are out later today, and they were higher than the USDA for both corn and soybeans last month.

There is very little incentive to get traders opening up new positions ahead of the election and next week's revised USDA report, and this afternoons session will likely be a quiet affair.

Japan are tendering for their usual 96,000MT US wheat today.

Early calls are: Corn futures are expected to open 2 to 4 higher; soybeans 4 to 6 higher; wheat 2 to 4 higher.