It's in The Daily Mail So It Must Be True

The Daily Mail is today reporting that some loon who has celebrated Christmas every day for the last fourteen years is scaling back festivities due to the credit crunch.

Divorced (no surprises there then) Andy Park has munched his way through 117,600 sprouts, quaffed 5,110 bottles of Moet, and sent himself more than 230,000 Christmas cards since his festive fetish began.

You, sad, sad muppet.

"My daughter used to love celebrating it with me but she's in her 20s now and people started teasing her a bit. I think her dad was a bit of an embarrassment."

Teasing her A BIT? They've been mercilessly ripping her to shreds for fourteen years, pal.

The only surprise in this story is that you actually aren't still a virgin at 44.

Mr Park once asked his ex-wife to tell him something that would make him happy & sad at the same time.

"You've got a bigger knob than your brother," was her reply.