Melamine Found In Dutch Soymeal

Melamine has been found in a cargo of soya meal imported from China for use in ruminant animal feed in the Netherlands, the Dutch food safety authority (VWA) has confirmed.

The Dutch company that imported the consignment informed the VWA the product had been sold to three domestic compound feed manufacturers before it detected the problem. The 111,000 kg shipment arrived in the Netherlands on 24 October, 2008.

Finished feed containing the soya meal has been delivered to "three or four" Dutch farmers the VWA said, emphasising that: “The levels of melamine in the feed are higher than the EC legal limit of 2.5 mg/kg but are not dangerous for animals or humans.”

The only Chinese soya I know of that comes into the UK is marketed under the organic banner in the £500-600/tonne bracket. It is ironic, is it not, that "organic" Chinese soya with all the necessary paperwork to prove it's organic status may actually be more harmful than the bog-standard GMO varieties.

And another thing, if they are prepared to mix melamine in with soya, then they aren't going to lose too much sleep over forging some paperwork to say that the product is organic as well are they?

I may never order a beef and green pepper with special fried rice again, that'll teach them.