Quaker Want Their Oats Back

Quaker Oats has recalled some of their own brand Quaker Oats Original (1.5kg carton) and Quaker 'Jumbo' Rolled Oats (1kg carton) because of the possible presence of a beetle known as the confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum) in the product. The Food Standards Agency has issued a Food Alert for Information.

Tribolium confusum:

Adult — 3–4mm in length. Eyes are wider apart (as seen from the underside) than T. castaneum (below). Antennae broaden gradually to the tip. Red–brown in colour.
Larva — Whitish to yellow–brown, 1 – 5mm long. 3 pairs of legs and active. Moults 7–8 times. Preference for clean flour. Pupates in foodstuffs.

About 20 days at 35°C, 45 days at 25°C. Adults may live for up to 6 months.

Can fly but rarely does so. Feeds on flour and cereal products.

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