UK: North West To Get New Grain Store?

A North West Development Agency and farmer funded feasibility study is being carried out into the viability of establishing a centralised grain storage facility in the North West of England, reports the Farmer's Guardian.

The facility would provide an opportunity for cereal growers in the region to add value to their grain and give them a high class drying, processing and storage facility, they say.

An update meeting on the project is being held at the regional office of the NFU at Skelmersdale on Thursday, December 4 at 7pm. It will include a presentation from Rob Sanderson, head of central stores for the newly created Openfield business, the product of a merger between Centaur Grain and Grainfarmers.

Certainly, there are a lot of potential homes for grain in the northwest, however the region only produces 1% of the nation's wheat and 2% of the barley crop according to the USDA.

UK Wheat Production Map

UK Barley Production Map