The Wonder Of Woolies

Well, that's another couple of big names gone, as Woolies files petitions for administration along with MFI.

Possibly, the principle wonder of Woolies is how they managed to carry on this long?

Jack of all trades and master of none it would seem to me. My local store here actually closed down a few weeks ago. It was not the largest Woolies you've ever seen. But still it sold everything from sweets to CD's, clothes to mobile phones, buttons to pots and pans, stationary to light bulbs.

And everything was a mess, with your cash being taken by some sullen spotty 16 year old "Am I Bovvered" parody.

And with MFI we have a company who's name became synonomous with poor quality:

"The wardrobe door is hanging off again darling."

"Well, what do you expect, it did only come from MFI."

Still, 30,000 Woolies employees on the Nat King Cole just before Christmas isn't nice. Although surely a large number of those employees are characters from Little Britain and Catherine Tate who can go back to their day jobs at the BBC?

Maybe one of the 2,500 MFI employees now out of work can come round & fix my wardrobe door?

Don't go givin me evils

A Woolies Unemployee Of The Month Yesterday