100,000 Pigs Face The Chop In Contaminated Feed Incident

Irish authorities say oil that was mixed into animal feed could force farmers to destroy 100,000 pigs, according to reports.

On Saturday, the Dublin government ordered a recall of all pork products linked to pigs slaughtered in Ireland, after laboratory tests found the presence of dioxins in animal feed and pork fat samples.

According to The Associated Press, food safety officials have now traced the problem to one small animal-food maker that supplied oil-tainted feed to 10 pig farms in the Republic of Ireland and nine in Northern Ireland.

Currently, officials and police are investigating the possible source of the contaminated feed, a plant run by Millstream Power Recycling Limited near Fenagh, County Carlow in southwest Ireland.

A total 20-25 countries may have received contaminated shipments, including France, the Netherlands and Belgium, according to Irish officials. The final bill for the total recall of all pork and pork-related products such as pizzas and pies is estimated to be in the region of 100 million euros.

The Irish Association of Pigmeat Processors (IAPP), said "We're facing a major financial crisis, a major liquidity problem."