Argy Dairy Farmers Protest

Dairy farmers from around Buenos Aires, sent 1,200 Holstein cows into the cattle market of Liniers on Thursday, to be sold for slaughter at knockdown prices.

This was part of a protest, against the lack of economic viability in the dairy farming sector.

President of the General Dairy Farmers Union, Emiliano Mondarain, said "we are sacrificing a lot of animals we have great affection for, cattle that we have been working with for generations".

The Holstein cows have a primary role in milk production, and the action is being taken to encourage dialogue with the government, according to the farm leader.

He went on to say, "we have been calling for dialogue with the national government for some time, yet nothing has been forthcoming".

The farmers claim they are receiving only US23 to25 cents per litre, not the agreed price of US31cents, that was agreed with the government in October.

The cows were sold to the meat plant buyers, for an average of 45c/kg USD live weight.