Global Crop Weather Highlights

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

EUROPE: Wet Weather Continues
 Widespread rain and snow boost moisture reserves for winter crops across most of Europe, with a second week of cold weather easing wheat, barley, and rapeseed further into dormancy.
 Dry weather on the Iberian Peninsula favors late summer crop harvesting, although rain returns by week’s end.

FSU: Winter Grain Areas Lack A Protective Snow Cover
 Unseasonably mild weather provides favorable overwintering conditions for winter grains in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. However, most winter grain areas lack a protective snow cover, leaving crops exposed to potential extreme cold.

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Heavy Rainfall Causes Localized Flooding
 Heavy rainfall in the Philippines and Malaysia causes localized flooding and slows fieldwork activities.
 Showers benefit rice in Indonesia.
 Dry weather in Vietnam aids the coffee harvest, nearing completion.

 Dry weather allows flooding to subside and fieldwork to resume in southern India after last week’s tropical cyclone.
 Unseasonably heavy showers in southern Pakistan hamper cotton harvesting.

MIDDLE EAST: Rain Benefits Iranian Winter Grains
 Rain in Iran provides topsoil moisture for vegetative winter wheat and barley.

NORTHWEST AFRICA: Wet Weather Continues To Hamper Western Fieldwork
 Additional rain in Morocco and Algeria slows winter grain planting but maintains favorable moisture for crop emergence and establishment.
 Sunny weather in Tunisia promotes a rapid pace of fieldwork.

AUSTRALIA: Welcomed Drier Weather In The East
 Drier weather in eastern Australia helps dry unharvested winter wheat soaked by recent heavy rains.
 In southern Australia, mostly dry weather continues to facilitate rapid winter grain harvesting.
 Showers in southern parts of the Western Australia wheat belt hamper local winter grain harvesting.

SOUTH AMERICA: Drier In Argentina; Southern Brazil Needs Rain
 In Argentina, drier weather promotes planting of grains, oilseeds, and cotton, following last week’s rain. Winter wheat harvesting is advancing.
 Rain is needed for soybean establishment in southern Brazil. Conditions remain overall favorable for summer grains, oilseeds, and cotton in Brazil’s central interior.

SOUTH AFRICA: Rain Benefits The Eastern Corn Belt; Planting Farther West
 Rain increases moisture for summer crop establishment in central and eastern sections of the corn belt. Drier conditions promote planting farther west.