Some Irish Cattle Also Found To Be Affected In Dioxins Scare

The Irish dioxins food scare has spread to cattle as investigations continue into where all the suspect animal feed has been distributed to.

Some of the feed was sold into Northern Ireland and fed to both cattle and pigs on both sides of the border.

It would appear that eleven Irish cattle herds have been tested, with eight proving clear, leaving three with dioxin levels "only two to three times above the limits."

In some of the pigs tested levels were 80-200 times above safety limits.

Farm minister Brendan Smith said that "to all intents and purposes this is not a public health issue."

Still, all Irish pork products made since 1st September are being recalled from up to 25 countries worldwide at a potential cost of 100 million euros. Of course our Chinese chums might have adopted a different approach.