South American Weather: Hot And Dry

High temperatures of 93 to 99 degrees yesterday across much of the major corn and soybean growing areas of Argentina and southern Brazil shows that there is some weather-related stress on the young crops in that areas, report Freese-Notis Weather.

All of those areas will stay hot for today and tomorrow; if anything a bit warmer than what has been seen so far this week.

Northern Argentina and southern Brazil will stay hot for Sunday, and while temperatures for the rest of next week will not be quite as bad there will be plenty of days with highs reaching the lower to middle 90s.

Since November 1, it has been exceptionally difficult to get the areas in question into a truly wet weather pattern. Were it not for a major rain event in Argentina in late November, and an exceptionally wet weather pattern in southern Brazil prior to November 1, problems right now would be severe.