This Might Sound Like A Joke But It Isn't

Microsoft have taken the unprecedented step of warning users of Internet Explorer to switch to another broweser such as Firefox whilst it creates a patch for a serious flaw in IE which allows hackers to steal personal information such as passwords etc as you type them in.

It seems that the hack has largely been used to steal computer gamers details and not for anything far more serious. Yet.

For more info & some recommendations on what to do to make your browsing more secure see here: Cheers Bill

I was reading a story the other day about a Trojan that lies dormant in your computer waiting for you to enter certain sites eg. a bank. Once you type in or whatever in your browser it springs into life, closing the real bank website & replacing it with a cloned one. You type in your password & username etc, it says "sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties, come back in a few hours." Meanwhile now armed with all your details some bugger is straight into your account to empty the lot. Nice eh?