Unbelievably, The Cheeky Chinese Have Another New Scam

Not content with adding melamine to anything that isn't nailed down, canny Chinese traders and farmers are now busy tearing the arse out of government plans to help buoy the rural economy by systematically delivering imported GM soybeans against non-GM tenders in Heilongjiang province.

The government recently announced plans to buy up to 2mmt non-GM soybeans in Heilongjiang at 3,700 yuan/tonne ($538), significantly higher than the price of imported US soybeans, to help farmers suffering in the credit crunch.

Heilongjiang is supposedly a strictly non-GM soybean growing region, but where there's a will there's a way. Our melamine-loving chums have merrily been delivering any old soybeans they can get their hands on into state-owned stores, and pocketing a tidy profit into the bargain. Rubbery jubbery.