World Crop Weather

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

EUROPE – Wet Weather Benefits Southern Winter Grains: Widespread rain in Spain and Italy boosts reservoir levels and provides topsoil moisture for emerging winter grains. Seasonably cold weather across central and northern Europe allows winter crops to go fully dormant, while above-normal temperatures in Poland melt the region’s protective snow cover.

FSU – Most Winter Grain Areas Lack A Protective Snow Cover: Mild weather continues to keep most winter grain areas in Ukraine and Russia snow free, leaving crops exposed to potential extreme cold.

SOUTHEAST ASIA – Favorably Dry In Vietnam; Wet Throughout Indonesia: Favorably dry weather in Vietnam aids coffee harvesting nearing completion, while also benefiting winter rice harvesting and early winter-spring rice planting. Showers in Indonesia slow oil palm harvesting but benefit rice.

SOUTH ASIA – Showers In Pakistan: Unseasonably heavy showers in Pakistan hamper cotton harvesting. Dry weather across India promotes rice and cotton harvesting.

MIDDLE EAST – Rain Benefits Turkish Winter Grains: Rain in Turkey provides topsoil moisture for vegetative winter wheat and barley.

NORTHWEST AFRICA – Wet Weather Continues To Hamper Fieldwork: Locally heavy showers in Morocco and Algeria slow winter grain planting but maintain favorable moisture for crop emergence and establishment. Mostly dry weather in Tunisia promotes a rapid pace of fieldwork, although showers return by week’s end.

AUSTRALIA – Wet Weather Continues: Widespread, locally heavy rain falls across much of the Australian wheat belt, further slowing winter grain harvesting and maintaining concerns about grain quality. In eastern Australia, the wet weather benefits vegetative summer crops.

SOUTH AMERICA – Rain Reaches Southern Brazil; Dry Pockets Persist In Argentina: Scattered showers bring some relief from dryness to corn and soybeans in southern Brazil. Rain maintains overall favorable conditions for soybeans in key farming areas of central Brazil. Rain benefits Argentina’s western farming areas. However, pockets of unfavorable warmth and dryness continue in central and northern Argentina, limiting moisture for emerging summer grains and oilseeds. Winter wheat harvesting is advancing rapidly.

SOUTH AFRICA – Conditions Are Favorable In Much Of The Corn Belt: Rain maintains favorable moisture levels for emerging summer crops in the eastern corn belt as drier weather promotes planting in the west.