World Rapeseed/Meal Production/Usage 2008/09

Oil World has revised up it's worldwide rapeseed production forecast for 2008/09 to 57.5 mln t from the previous figure of 56.5 mln t and compared to the 49.0 mln t of the previous year.

The main producers are the EU with 18.8 (last year 18.4) mln t, China with 11.6 (10.4) mln t, and Canada with 12.6 (9.6) mln.

Global use is expected at 54.5 (50.7) mln t and ending stocks at 7.6 (4.7) mln t.

Wordwide rapeseed meal production should reach 30.3 mln t in marketing year 2008/09 (Oct./Sept.), they say, exceeding the 28.6 mln t produced in the previous year.

The main producers of repemeal are the EU at 11.3 (10.9) mln t and China at 7.3 (6.8) mln t.

Global use is also expected at 30.3 (29.6) mln t, thereof in the EU at 11.2 (10.8) mln t, in China at 7.5 (7.0) mln t, in India at 2.3 (2.2) mln t, and in the USA at 2.5 (2.3) mln t.