Chinese Firms Apologise

In a bizarre move, Chinese dairy firms at the centre of the melamine scandal that killed at least six babies and made 290,000 ill, sent out a New Year text message apologising for their actions and begging forgiveness.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'd say there's nothing more sincere and truly heartfelt in this day & age than a text message is there?

"We are deeply sorry for the harm caused to the children and the society," the text message read.

"We sincerely apologise for that and we beg your forgiveness."

Sanlu, the now bankrupt firm at the centre of the scandal, said it discovered the problem and reported it to local authorities in Hebei Province on Aug. 2, just days before the Olympic Games began in Beijing.

This bit won't surprise you, nothing became public on the issue until after the Olympics had finished.

So that's the end of the matter. Yes, I know six babies DIED and 290,000 were made ILL in the name of blatant profiteering with no regard whatsoever for human life, but hey, it's not like they are running their own people over with tanks is it?