Separated At Birth #15

Kenn From Krusoe and Waynne Kerr.

There are two NN's in Kenn apparenntly, annd possibly inn Waynne but we arenn't sure onn that onne.

Does annybody knnow him? He's gonne downn in NNogger Blog history by beinng the first personn ever to sennd me a snnotty email sayinng "please remove me from your spamlist."

Well, Kennnn, you will be pleased to knnow that I have removed you from my "spamlist" I guess that's onne personn who wonn't be takinng advanntage of the "Buy Nnogger a beer" optionn thenn.

You clearly cann't please all of the Dannes anny of the time.

Meannwhile welcome to Jaime Nolan Miralles, clearly a mann of discernnmennt & taste, who writes:


Could I have the privilege of taking Kennnnnnnnnn's place. Can you add me to your e-mail list for your wheat postings.

Great work!