EU-27 Rapeseed Production 2009/10

The USDA yesterday forecast EU-27 rapeseed production at 18.79mmt, down from the 19.32mmt produced in 2008/09.

Production in Germany, the top EU-27 producer, is seen at 5.13mmt they say, slightly below Strategie Grains' latest estimate of 5.5mmt and marginally down on 2008/09 output of 5.16mmt.

In France production is estimated at 4.77mmt, below Strategie Grains' estimate of 4.95mmt, and again marginally down on last season's 4.78mmt.

Here in the UK they predict output at 2mmt, considerably more than Strategie Grains' estimate of 1.79mmt, and an increase on last season's production of 1.98mmt.

Now that figure of roughly unchanged production is interesting, as my broking chum Robert Kerr is adamant that UK production will be down substantially in 2009. So adamant in fact that he is willing to bet on it.

I, for one, agree with him calling UK production this year around 15% lower at 1.7mmt.

Poland incidentally are the third largest producer in the EU-27, knocking the UK into fourth slot. They are seen producing 2.12mmt in 2009/10 according to the USDA.

Poland: the new Aston Villa.