Russian Grain Crop Seen Lower In 2009

Russia will produce less grain in the coming season according to Arcadiy Zlochevskiy, the president of the Russian Grain Union.

Production will be a minimum of 80mmt, and could reach as high as 100mmt if the country gets "favourable weather conditions" he said.

That's a pretty wide estimate Arcadiy my son, nothing like playing safe eh?

Winter grains have been planted on 17.1m ha., he says. This is up 240,000 ha from last year.

Russia produced 108.1mmt of grain in 2008, so if we take the middle ground and go for a crop of 90mmt, that is 18mmt, or 16.7% lower.

Unfortunately, Arcadiy didn't give an estimate for wheat production specifically.

Still, this figure fits in quite nicely with the most recent estimate from SovEcon for a 2009 total grain crop of 87-96mmt.