UK Pork Advert Chopped By Watchdog

An advertisement by the British Pork Executive (BPEX) has been banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as an investigation found the ad’s claim of ‘very high welfare’ to be misleading.

The watchdog received a complaint made by Compassion in World Farming, which expressed concern that the ‘Pigs are worth it’ adverts were unacceptable. Objections to the campaign were raised as animal rights activists said it implied all UK pigs were well cared for.

The ads by the British Pig Executive was featured in national press, bill board posters and magazines. They stated that “British pig farms have very high welfare standards assured by the Quality Standard Mark (QSM). And well cared-for animals mean better quality meat…Help the pig farmers. Sign our petition for fairer prices at and always look for the Pork Quality Standard Mark.”

The ASA ruling states that “some indicators of UK pig welfare, such as the percentage of piglets tail-docked, the percentage of finishing pigs that had access to straw bedding, and the use of farrowing crates for sows might be seen by some as indicating that the general level of pig welfare in the UK in certain areas should not be described as very high.”