UK Winter Wheat Plantings Sharply Lower

Our old chums at DEFRA have finally confirmed the evidence of my own eyes, saying that the UK's winter wheat area is 1.6m ha., down 0.3m ha from 1.9m ha last year.

That's a reduction of 15.8% according to my calculations. A reduction in production of that magnitude would slash 2.75mmt off our output this year giving us a crop of 14.75mmt.

And that is IF we were to achieve the same yield as last year. Unless you are a hermit living in a cave with broadband then you would probably be able to guess that we won't probably be matching last years' record yields.

So there we go boys & girls, we could be looking at a crop of around 14mmt this summer. That's the exportable surplus gone.

Ensus will be in the market looking for a million tonnes for their plant in Teeside by then too, followed by Vivergo looking for a similar amount for their Saltend plant in 2010.

No wonder I'm bullish.