ABF Buy The Alphabet

ABF have been cleared by EU regulators to proceed with their planned EUR385 million purchase of the Spanish sugar giant Azucarera Ebro.

Azucarera Ebro are said to supply around half of the sugar used in Spain & Portugal.

"Having recently bought a feed mill in Flixborough, we've been trying to buy something with a Z in it for ages. Now we own the entire alphabet, we're going to start charging people a small commission every time they use it," said nobody to do with anything.

"The system will work in much the same way as Scrabble, so if your name is NOGGER for example then you will have to pay us N=1, O=1, G-3, G=3, E=1, R=1, that's ten euros every time you write your name. We're going to clean up in places like Poland," he didn't add.