Argentina: Smoke And Mirrors

Forget all the rhetoric trotted out by President Fernandez, Production Minister Debora Giorgi and Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo about how they hope that they have reached an accord with the Argy farmers.

The concessions on the table don't add up to an awful lot in my opinion (see here).

Meanwhile would you want to deal with a government whose new state agency ONCCA, which took over crop administration duties from the Agricultural ministry last year, has a set of rules so convoluted that Harry Houdini himself would struggle to find a way through them?

Imagine, if you will, operating in an environment where all grain movements must be faxed through to their office by farmers or traders ON A DAILY BASIS!

Once you have done that, you must then hand in a report of such grain movements to a ONCCA office BY HAND no less, no posting allowed, EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

And there are only ten such offices in the entire country!