Argy Farmers Beef With The Government

The newly agreed deal between Argentine farmers and the government increasing the beef export quota by 60,000 tonnes might be good news for the meat industry on paper, but there are still government controls to contend with. These mean that a beef plant must sell a minimum of 65% of beef production on the home market before it can take advantage of the increased export quota.

Also the beef industry, which saw an estimated on million cattle perish to drought earlier in the season, must still find an export home for it's product.

That might be easier said than done. Unconfirmed reports I am reading this morning suggest that 70% of Argy beef exports usually go to Russia. Apparently only a year ago Russians were flying in to Argentina with suit cases full of cash to buy cheap beef. The recent economic problems and lack of credit has all but closed that market down I gather.

It seems that the Argy government may have got the farmers thinking they have given them something, when in fact they've given them very little at all. President Fernandez may be even cuter than I thought.