Argy Farmers Resume Strike Action

Argentine farmers have finally grown weary of trying to get a reduction in the soybean tax by fair means, so they have decided to revert to foul.

Announcing a one week strike late Friday, they said that the would man roadblocks and halt the sale of all grains, oilseeds and live cattle until next Friday.

President Fernandez, like her or loathe her, I personally think she's rather foxy, has clearly shown herself to be a formidable opponent. And it seems that the farmers may have under-estimated her.

Announcing a 30% cut of the soybean export tax would go to the provinces, the hotbed of support from the masses for the farmers' plight, is a move clearly aimed at undermining the farmers aims.

I for one wouldn't like to play a game of chess with her. Unless it was strip-chess of course. I'd let her take my bishop.

Cattle prices reportedly jumped by 30% in Mercado de Liniers cattle market on Friday with prime yearlings making US$120c/kg up from 85c/kg three weeks ago.