More Interesting News About Algae

US company AlgaeVenture Systems is claiming to have made an important technological breakthrough that potentially makes large-scale biofuel production from algae a commercially viable proposition.

"For nearly 40 years, it has been widely accepted that if the cost of removing, harvesting and dewatering algae could be reduced to $50 a ton, algae could become a significant source of fuel," said Ross Youngs, CEO of Univenture, parent corporation of AlgaeVenture Systems.

"We have demonstrated a truly disruptive technology that reduces that cost by more than 99 percent - from $875 per ton to $1.92 per ton," he added. "This breakthrough moves algae back into the spotlight as an economically viable, plentiful source of fuel."

"Do you still want this plant building?" said an un-named Saltend engineer.