US Weather Situation

Little relief seems to be in sight for drought-affected wheat crops in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas in the week ahead, according to QT Weather's latest forecast.

Most winter wheat is currently in poor or very poor condition. In addition, top soil moisture is inadequate for spring planting in many areas. A farmer in Hill County reported dry soil 4 feet below the surface statewide, 70 percent of grazing land is currently in poor or very poor condition. Oats and winter grasses...cold season forage for many livestock...have been widely insufficient... 80 percent of oats are in poor or very poor condition...supplemental feeding of livestock has been widespread.

Heavy rains largely missed the area last week, catching only a small amount of wheat country in Eastern Kansas, say QT Weather. The week ahead will now become drier and heat up particularly across the drought stricken Southern Plains with nineties in Texas and eighties into Oklahoma and Kansas. Temperatures skyrocket to twelve to eighteen degrees above normal over the next five days Montana to Texas.

Rain relief will then cross the southern Plains late in the week and into the recently wetted areas of the Tennessee Valley and SE states. Despite additional rainfall late in the week, net drying will be the rule for the week and early next from Texas to Georgia, they say.

The two-week outlook shows drying from southern California to New York with a “rare” improvement in south Texas starting late in the week: