Well Who'd Have Thought It?

UK nitrogen prices have come down with a bump, although an estimated 80% of UK farmers won't be in a position to take advantage of it as they have already bought, according to the Farmers' Guardian.

GrowHow have cut £60/tonne off their price this week and Yara is expected to follow suit shortly, they add.

Who was it saying not that long ago that you'd better buy it now or you won't get it? It's slipped my mind.

"We think this is a short-term market shift, arising from a lull in demand and the credit crunch."

Falls in the price of ammonia and urea are an "over correction".

"There is nothing left for sale anywhere on the international market, its all gone. Luckily though we've got seventeen vessels of the stuff on the way to the UK as we speak. But that's all sold. Twist my arm, we could probably squeeze a few more orders in before prices go up next month."

"And whilst we're at it that drive needs doing. Have you ever thought about a conservatory? That pointing looks awful, the whole lots going to fall down at any minute. I've got a lorry load of tarmac you can have for half price. Look at the state of that guttering. Whilst we got the van in the area you can have one half price. You can have all your gas & electric for a fraction of whatever your paying now. It's a special offer that ends today. Oh look, I've only got one left. It pays for itself after three months. All your neighbours have signed up. You just can't get them in green. Don't worry about that, bit of T-Cut that's all it needs. It had a brand new engine fitted yesterday but I've lost the receipt. Come on I'm trying to do you a favour here Guv, and I'll even throw in a pigs dick for the dog."