Biofools: The Bride Of Frankenstein

An interesting Wall St Journal blog posting by Russell Gold: "Put down that Quarter Pounder or the fish get it" highlights some of the potential environmental implications of pursuing the current US ethanol mandate. You can read what he has to say here.

Following on in the same theme, another article worth a read is in the Economist, which points out that nitrogen-hungry corn in particular is a very unfriendly crop to grow from a "green" point of view. You can read that article here: here.

When are legislators going to wake up to the fact that these renewable fuel mandates have created the Bride of Frankenstein? A giant loop-hole riddled system that the multi-national conglomerates are gleefully driving their corporate buses through chortling all the way to the bank?

If the powers that be don't sort it out soon then it could all end up messier than a Christmas Day episode of Eastenders.