European Weather Latest

Western Europe remains largely dry with significantly below normal rainfall in the top European rapeseed countries France, the United Kingdom and Germany say StormX.

Less significant rapeseed areas in Denmark and Sweden are also unfavourably dry, they say. Scattered showers brought some relief to rapeseed farms last week, but not enough to offset high evaporation with increasing heat and sunshine. April temperatures have warmed up sharply after a cool March in Western Europe. Most days, temperatures have reached the mid 60s, or higher.

The 120-day rainfall analysis reveals severe moisture shortages across western and northern Europe. Stress will increase in rapeseed, if heavy rains do not materialize soon, they add:

StormX's 7-day European rainfall forecast is revised lower, featuring less coverage of moderate-heavy rains. Previously showers and thunderstorms were expected to be heavy and widespread in Western Europe, they say.