Is This The Beginning Of The End For Compound Feeds?

Just musing the news that BOCM are to close their Denbigh plant & open a blending operation in Whitchurch in response to the growing demand for blends.

Is this the beginning of the end for compound feed manufacture in these difficult times? Was Brian Frankland right all those years ago, with his then revolutionary approach?

For those of you too young to remember, Brian Frankland set up the imaginatively named Frankland Feeds to market a kind of halfway house alternative between a traditional compound feed and a farmer mixing his own straights.

I fondly remember his entertaining newsletter "a shovel full of this, and a shovel full of that". OK, things are a bit more technical than that these days, but the title was tongue in cheek even in then. As I recall this was a poke in the eye for compounders who at the time said that Frankland's blends were no more than this.

And here we are twenty five or so years later and everybody is doing them, compounders are selling less compounds and more blends.

Brian Frankland, shine on you crazy blender.