Russian Spring Plantings Delayed

Cold and wet weather is hampering attempts to advance spring grain planting in western and central Russia say StormX.

Spring wheat, which accounts for roughly half of all Russian wheat, is mainly sown in Siberia, the Urals, and the Volga Valley, located just to the north of Kazakhstan.

Since the start of April, 1-3” of rain has fallen, with the heaviest amounts falling over the Urals and Volga Valley, where rainfall has been over 200% of normal. Accompanying the rain has been temperatures 2-5ºF below normal. This combination of cool and wet conditions has produced soggy fields, which has delayed the planting of spring wheat, say StormX.

The Russian Agriculture Ministry said on Wednesday that as of April 22nd, only 3.1 million hectares of spring grains have been planted, accounting for less than 10% of the expected planting area of 31.1 million hectares. On April 21st of last year, nearly 6 million hectares of spring grains were planted.

SovEcon say that as of April 20th, only 2.9 million hectares of spring grains had been planted.