Strange But True: Nazi Cows Found In Devon

Hitler (never before mentioned on this blog, now twice in a week) had a dream of recreating the the extinct auroch, a legendary cattle breed believed to be the size of a rhino. The aurochs had been hunted to extinction in Europe by 1627.

Zoologist brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck began the task of attempting to bring them back by breeding from modern cattle from the Scottish Highlands, Corsica, and the French Camargue, as well as Spanish fighting bulls.

Their mission won the approval of the Fuhrer, who saw it as a symbol of Nazi supremacy in his quest for a master race.

Most of the Heck cattle were destroyed after the war (who won that one again, it's slipped my mind?), but a few survived, and now 13 have now been shipped from a conservation park in Belgium to Derek Gow's farm at Broadwoodwidger on the Devon-Cornwall border.

The modern day Heck's are smaller than their mighty auroch ancestors, but still bear a striking resemblance to cave paintings.

Find out more about Heck cattle on Wikipedia: Ve vere only obeying udders