Tesco Profit By Exploiting Farmers

Commenting on Tesco’s announcement of its £3.13bn pre-tax profits, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Tim Farron said:

"While it’s good to see businesses doing well in the recession, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these huge profits have been built by exploiting small family farmers by paying them a pittance for their produce.

"Tesco controls over 30% of the UK food market. There can be little doubt that a powerful supermarket monopoly has damaged farmers and weakened rural areas."

Quite right too. I'd have liked him to have gone a stage or two further.

"These profiteering bastards should be horsewhipped. They're cynically using the recession as an excuse to pass the full cost AND more of price cuts straight onto their suppliers with not a care in the world whether they sink or swim," would have been a start.

Followed by a personal challenge to Sir Terry Leahy to an arse kicking contest.