US Weather Outlook

A wet and wild stormy weekend left five feet of snow in the Central Rockies, Kansas and Nebraska saw three-inch rains and eleven-inch totals hit Texas, says Allen Motew of QT Weather:

Today the rains will advance rapidly to the East Coast, before much warmer weather arrives, he says. Wednesday-Friday will see drying for the Plains and Corn Belt as southerly winds gust to 40mph and temperatures reach 75-85F degrees. Thursday and Friday brings low 80’s in Iowa and 70’s in Illinois and Indiana:

The “warm-up” continues for most of the country according to the 6-10 day outlook, which should finally enable farmers in many areas to get started with corn planting in earnest:

StormX concur, soil temperatures in the Corn Belt have warmed to above 50ºF in the shallow 0-4” layer with mid-upper 40’s now found in the 4-16” depth thanks to last week’s mild and dry conditions, they say. Despite the recent rain and potential for a bit more early this week, no rain is anticipated during the impressive midweek warm-up. This should allow the deeper layer of soil to approach the important 50ºF for corn planting, while fields dry out.

This is great news for farmers that are already experiencing planting delays. Over the past few months, the soggiest fields have been found in northern and central Illinois. This area still faces the most significant prospects of planting delays as wet fields may limit the effect of the warm spring sunshine, they add.