Argentina Weather Latest

Another dry weekend is on the cards for Argentina with temperatures forecast to fall as low as -2 degrees C tonight, with daily highs Saturday struggling up to 13-18 degrees C.

There are a few scattered light showers possible, but generally another dry week in store for much of the country, particularly the main wheat growing areas of southern Buenos Aires province. Forecasts for the week ahead for this region are to receive 25% or less of normal rainfall in the week ahead.

Farmers there must be wondering what they've done to upset the powers that be.

Wheat plantings won't be making any great progress this week that's for sure. There are better prospects of rain for the following week, in places that don't get it it's likely that some will give up hope of getting a wheat crop in the ground at all this year.

Planting intentions are already called almost 20% down on 2008 - the lowest acreage since records began in 1910 - on lack of cash and political disincentives, a continuation of the year-long drought will only make matters worse.