Fascinating Website Of The Day

Loading a boat? Or waiting on one? Or just plain nosey? Is someone spinning you a yarn when they say that your ASA May hasn't arrived yet? Or that it's anchored off the coast of Teignmouth waiting for a discharge berth when in reality it's still in Rotterdam?

I stumbled across this website the other day which will tell you where your boat is, it's ETA, what it's carrying, where it's going & even at what speed, just about everything but what the captain had for breakfast. Zoom right in so you can virtually see him polishing his rowlocks. You can even skip across the North Sea for a quick shuftie round Rotterdam. Fascinating. And ever so slightly dangerous.

I wonder if they do one for the Gulf of Aden me hearty land lubbers? Hums theme to Captain Pugwash.....

Where's my boat?