How Lucky Is This?

Just received this in my inbox:

I am Controller General of Kotoka International Airport,Accra-Ghana,i am . Michael Ofori by name.

we recovered one metallic trunk box contain $9 million. bearing your name as the foreign beneficiary and investor from one unlicensed diplomat who brought the boxes from United State and he was taking the box to Nigeria for an Illegal transaction's without your notice and he transit in Ghana, which on that process the Custom cult him and he was arrested which we interview him and he told us that you are the beneficiary, that this is a transaction's that you where doing in the United State and which he where stealing your funds, but thank God that we have arrested him and he have to go for jail. (quite right too, stealing is wrong kids - Nogger)

The one metallic trunk box is presently under my custody and which i scan the box and the report show that it is money inside the box which i have attach the scan report for you and also sending you a form from the airport for you to fill and return back to me for the delivery of your box. i am making a legal arrangement with a United State Diplomatic Officer who was been assign by the UN to be working with the ( I.M.F ) here in Accra Ghana to commence on the delivery of the box to you in US.

You are to forward this request information's which will enable the diplomat commence on the delivery legally.Your destination address, nearest international airport,direct telephone number and scan copy of your passport for identification.
I will forward all legal information's regarding this delivery of your one metallic trunk box worth your funds to you, including flight schedule and diplomat details.

Respond urgently.

Michael Ofori

Crikey, string up the bunting, the beers are on me. Except I don't actually live in America. Maybe I should do the decent thing and tell Michael this? Nah, Lady Luck is surely smiling on me today, instead I think I will auction off my metallic box containing $9 million to the highest bidder to you my lovely readers. Do I hear 50p in the room anywhere? Come on the box on it's own is worth more than that. Think about the kids. Hit the PayPal button, you know you want it. Ideal present. Backed up with a full certificate of authentication signed my Michael himself. Do it now.