Latest On Russian Wheat Impounded In Egypt

A report on Reuters this morning says that the 52,501 tonnes of Russian wheat seized by the Egyptian authorities at the Red Sea port of Safaga contained "dead bugs, impurities and seeds above the allowed limit".

A second Russian cargo is also being held until the analysis results of samples taken is known, according to Bloomberg.

Other media reports suggest that all Russian wheat remaining unmilled in Egypt has been seized, whether at Safaga port, or distributed to the provinces.

This season's Russian wheat crop has apparently contained a high incidence of the pest eurygaster integriceps, commonly known as the "Russian wheat bug" or sunn/suni/sunny pest. This little bugger emits an enzyme that dissolves gluten in wheat, as little as 2-3% of the grain in such a condition may render the whole grain lot unacceptable for baking, experts say.

Whilst the Russian and Brazilian governments are understood to be attempting to broker a wheat for pork deal between the two countries, Brazilian flour millers are understood to be reluctant to take Russian wheat for similar reasons.