Sainsbury's: Supporting British Agriculture (My Arse)

Following hot on the heels of record profits from Tesco, Sainsbury’s have weighed in with another shining example of exactly how hard they are trying to “help” British agriculture by absorbing costs themselves, unveiling an 11% increase in annual profits to £543 million.

The profits come on the back of a 5.7% rise in sales in the 12 months to the end of March to £20.4 billion.

That's right profits have doubled at the rate of sales as we all pull together in these difficult times.

Sainsbury's chief executive Justin King, bless his little “cheap and cheerful” socks, is in line for a £5 million bonus on the back of it.

I don’t suppose that Justin will be needing to pay a visit to the “Feed Your Family For a Fiver” aisle himself just yet then? Maybe he has his own special "Feed Your Family For Five Million" aisle:

Pass me another gold-plated nymph darling, this one's full