Egypt Impounds More Wheat

No sooner has the spat between Egypt and Russia over wheat quality been sorted than the Egyptians are at it again, this time impounding what Bloomberg describe as "an 11,000 metric-ton shipment of Ukrainian and Australian wheat".

Exactly what Australian wheat is doing getting mixed up with Ukraine wheat I don't know, so there could be a bit of misreporting going on here. But certainly there have been quality issues with Ukraine wheat this season.

Bloomberg story

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohammad Rashid, has told journalists in an interview shortly before flying to Russia for "trade meetings", that there are no problems between the two countries with regards to wheat supply.

"I would like to make it clear that there are no problems connected with the deliveries of wheat between our two countries. There are problems only inside Egypt. They concern matters related to the conclusion of contracts and to monitoring," he said.

What are all those empty suitcases for?