Ensus Very Very Latest

The pastie-eating militant construction workforce at the Ensus bioethanol plant on Teesside have voted to return to work on Monday, after a deal was thrashed out by union leaders at the Total-run Lindsey refinery in Lincolnshire.

The deal at Lindsey will see the reinstatement of 647 of the sacked employees, and will be put to the workers on Monday (there's no point spoiling a nice weekend by going back on a Friday is there?).

Workers in the sympathy strike at the Ensus plant in Wilton said that they would have gone back today, but had decided to take the day off instead as a mark of respect to sadly deceased construction icon Michael Jackson, as many were too distraught to lift a spanner.

Instead, union leaders said they've "headed off into town for a bit of a wet like, and a couple of Greggs pasties, it's what Jacko would have wanted".