Everything's Rosy Isn't It?

Andy Murray wins a nail-biter, the pound leaps to it's highest since October against the dollar, and close to it's highest against the euro since late-2008, house prices are finally rising.

We're on our way, what could possibly go wrong?

"Our public finances are easily the worst we’ve ever had in peacetime," says former chancellor Nigel Lawson. And that boy knows a thing or two about debt.

The problem is Gordon McBroon is a stubborn old bastard clinging desperately to the sinking ship, eagerly pouncing on the slightest snippet of positive news as clear proof that he's getting us back afloat.

He's waited a long time to become PM and he's going to see the thing right through until the death. The question is how bad will things be when he's finally evicted from No 10? The kind of action that he should be taking, like cutting public spending and raising taxes to tackle the UK's fiscal deficit would make his popularity at the polls fall even further.

So instead he continues to splash around, reassuring us that he's on top of the job, that we aren't sinking really we're just sailing through a bit of a squall.

The Deluded One has another twelve months before he has to call an election yet, we could be stuck with another year of vacuous inaction until then.