IGC Say Adverse Weather Hitting Grain Production

The International Grains Council (IGC) said today that poor rainfall and adverse weather conditions in some countries is likely to dent global food grains production in 2009-10 by 66 MMT to 1,715 MMT from 1,781 MMT a year ago.

Insufficient rain in the European Union and Argentina, and wet weather conditions in North America have reduced crop output. The growth of wheat in parts of Western Canada and northern US continued to lag under cool and wet conditions, it said.

Poor weather during the maize planting season has reduced sowing in the US, it said, adding that severe drought in Hungary and Romania earlier in the season has also reflected in reduced crop estimates.

Meanwhile in India, the lower than normal monsoon forecast by the weather department is expected to have impact on sowing during the Kharif season, this year.

The UK body's forecast comes after the UN agency World Meteorological Organisation warned that there is more than 50 per cent chance of El Nino happening this year.