It's All Gone Sour For Dairy Farmers Of Britain

Milk co-op Dairy Farmers of Britain, with an estimated 10% of the UK market, is in receivership after months of speculation snd rumour that all was not well.

Exactly what the implications are for it's estimated 1,800-2,000 members so far seems to be unclear.

Who, if anyone, will pick up the milk tomorrow will be a question that many are asking. And what about the milk cheque? I think we probably know the answer to the last one.

Despite various efforts to keep it's head above water, it seems that losing the contract to supply fresh milk to The Co-operative Group, was one body blow too many.

In March the beleagured DFB asked it's members and former members to swap £70 million of their investment for shares worth a fraction of that, making each pound of investment worth one share with a face value of 10p.

Needless to say that didn't go down to well with it's members causing them to resign in their droves.