The Jackson Four

In possibly his most outrageous publicity stunt yet Whacko Jacko has shuffled off this mortal coil overnight at the ripe old age of fifty.

The news comes just weeks before the obligatory comeback tour to pay off crippling debts.

Apparently my original post was funnier than my subsequent tweaked version, but unfortunately the original one has been lost in the internet ether.

The original one contained stuff about him turning his nose up at his breakfast, looking pale without anybody noticing and his bezzie chum and fellow bender of spoons Uri Geller being distraught. Oh, and rumours of a duet with Farah Fawcett being unconfirmed.

Bummer, that's all I can remember.

Did I do the one about the McJacko Burger? A fifty year old piece of meat nestled in a seven year old bun?

We'll all miss you Michael. Shine on you crazy moonwalker.

At least the kids are safe